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Promised Valley

Utah Chorale | Utah Symphony

Conducted by Crawford Gates

A theatrical production with music by Crawford Gates, book and lyrics by Arnold Sundguard. Performed by the Utah Symphony with vocal soloists Joann Ottley and Robert Peterson. The work was commissioned in 1946 for production in the summer of 1947 as a principle feature of Utah’s Centennial celebration. It had a renewed run in 1997 and has been performed over 2600 times all over the world. It dramatically traces the historic Mormon migration to Utah.

  1. Overture - Orchestra
  2. Prologue: The Winter Quarters
  3. The Wind Is A Lion
  4. Valley Home
  5. The Upper California
  6. Sparking On A Saturday Night
  7. The Wind Is A Lion
  8. The Departure Scene And Trek Montage - Orchestra
  9. Come, Come Ye Saints
  10. My Heart Is Lost And Lonely
  11. This Is The Place!
  12. Prelude To Act II
  13. The Choir Practice Song
  14. It’s So Good To Be Home Again
  15. Love Is My Song
  16. I Wonder Why
  17. The Crickets and Gulls Scene
  18. Epilogue: The Fair Scene