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Visions of Eternity

BYU Idaho Symphony Orchestra and Combined Choirs

An oratorio written by Crawford Gates, commissioned by Ricks College for its music department in March 1993, for mixed chorus, orchestra, and a quartet of soloists. Texts chosen from Section 76 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Opus 87.

  1. Prelude
  2. Hear, O Ye Heavens
  3. I The Lord, Am Merciful
  4. Will I Reveal All Mysteries
  5. Even The Wonders of Eternity
  6. Their Wisdom Shall Be Great
  7. By My Spirit Will I Enlighten Them
  8. Meditation - Prelude
  9. While We Meditated
  10. We Beheld The Glory of The Son
  11. We Saw The Holy Angels
  12. Now After The Many Testimonies
  13. Meditation - Prelude
  14. He Was Called Perdition
  15. Lo, He Is Fallen
  16. Lament For Perdition
  17. We Bear Record - For We Saw And Heard
  18. It Is Written - They Are Gods
  19. To God And The Lamb Be Glory